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What we provide

We run a Chainlink oracle node serving geospatial data to smart contracts. We also provide the tools to research these datasets and generate smart contract code that consumes them.

Geospatial Research

Research your area of interest and find the metrics that matter

Thematic Maps

Visualize datasets on a map and see the spatial detail

Time Series Graphs

Use graphs to see how variables have changed across time

771 by 1280
Draw Boundaries

Define your area of interest on an interactive web map

Specify Parameters

Input the specifications that will define your parametric dapp

Generate Code

Generate smart contract boilerplate code with your specs


Check out the documentation

It's really short, has cool pictures, and is the quickest way to get started.


Get some strategic insights

Explore geospatial datasets across space and time to understand an area and find the right metrics to use for your application.

Insights Tool

Build a smart contract

Generate a parametric smart contract that consumes geospatial data with your specifications using our no-code tool. Extend this code as you wish.

Contracts Tool